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澳洲阿德莱德大学Adelaide硕士dissertation高分proposal代写展示:日本文化研究A Study of the Formation and Influence of Japanese Otaku Culture: National Character and Consciousness Penetration



1.0 Research Question
1.1 Research Background
Anime, tea ceremony, geishas and sumo are regarded as Japan's four major national treasures. As one of the popular culture phenomenon, the Japanese anime is produced in the integration of industrial economy and culture. The Japanese anime constantly deduce, with fresh and lucid attitude, beautiful or ugly, good and evil aspects of fantastic world. Through the modern media it spreads with colorful picture and strong theatrical effect. The stories of Japanese anime have a wide range of subjects and plots, showing its unique cultural charm and bringing a extremely new feeling. There is no age or career boundary in Japan’s anime world, whose audience lives in each social layer. Through the seemingly easy and recreational way, the Japanese anime talk about some essence but profound truths, behind which lies the contain grumous ethical culture and reflects a new way of life and value.
Represented by comic, animation, games and multimedia products, the anime game industry's place in the global economy increasing quickly in recent years, gradually become another pillar industry as the software industry. Usually Animation, Comic and Game, integrates the anime Game industry, which is referred as “ACG industry”(Marx, 2007). Due to the combined media technology, the various expressing techniques, the fusion of different art forms, the fantastic imagination and interactivity, cartoons and games provide their audience a new audio-visual carrier. Compared to the one-way traditional entertainment, more and more people are willing to choose animation games as their leisure interests. However, some of the ACG lovers addict to the wonderful virtual world created by ACG while lose the contact and communication with the real world. These people’s love for anime or game have far exceeded to the category of interest and the proportion of ACGs in their lives also greatly beyond the boundaries of entertainment. The people who are keen on comic, game or other subculture and can't extricate, are called "otaku", which means the people spend most of their times staying inside their houses. Along with the continuous development of ACG industry, the number of otaku are also growing and the "otaku" among the teenagers become more and more common(Kitabayashi, 2004).
1.2 Aim and Significance of This Research
The social phenomenon appeared with the spread of otaku culture is intriguing, thus the study of which has significant meaning for both theoretical research and practical spreading of social culture.
1.2.1Expansion of Vision-New Research on Otaku Culture of Japan
In the academic otaku research field, most of the researches are limited to the study of historical summary and industrial operation research, little have been conducted to the Japanese otaku culture. As a new kind of culture industry, otaku richly contains Japan’s ethnic culture, so the study of which way otaku has presented Japanese national culture in is very important. Besides, there is no comprehensive and profound research analyzing the special generative process of Japanese otaku culture ever before. By learning the formation of the Japanese otaku culture, this research hopes to promote the development of Japanese culture study.
1.2.2Correction of Attitude: Reading the Japanese Otaku Culture Objectively
Otaku is able to represent the culture of Japanese national spirit, which has great cultural permeability to children and even adults around the world. What’s more, the significance of studying Japanese otaku culture is more valuable than just staying in the cultural dissemination level i.e. a lot of potential cultural influences are worth digging. In the European and American countries, some of the teenagers commit themselves to Japanese anime and become "otaku". While on the other hand, due to national history and national war in the past, Japan's culture has been unable to get part of people's approval in the world. This study will give a comprehensive analysis to the forming reasons of otaku culture, and treat Japanese otaku culture in a criticism attitude.
1.2.3Extension of Angle: Study from a Cultural Perspective
Otaku culture research is closely related to education of teenagers, whose mental development could be influenced by the quality and quantity of otaku products. Otaku culture could even relate to national cultural security, the contests on the culture market in fact reflect the countries’ power. Japanese otaku products always deeply imply their national characteristics, contain their humanistic values, and show their inherent cultural traditions and behavior logics. As a kind of the country's "soft power", no country can tolerate their next generation acknowledge and accept their culture verbally while depend on other countries’ cultural idea ideologically. Therefore, it is very urgent and necessary for this research to study the development of Japanese culture from the Angle of otaku.
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