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加拿大多伦多assignment精品高分代写:Professional Development: Individual Portfolio

加拿大多伦多assignment精品高分代写:Professional Development: Individual Portfolio
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Part 1: Employer requirements and CV

For the reason that I am very interested in Software Development I have chose the IT industry as my target to start my career. In this part, I will clearly show a job description of the famous IT Company Hewlett-Packard (HP). At the same time, the essential and specific skills and competencies needed for the Software Development are also evaluated and described in this sector.


In recent years, with the rapid development of IT industry, the demand for talent has also experienced rapid growth. More and more people join in the industry, which has caused a fairly intense competition for talent in the industry, and the flow of talent is also very frequent. In addition to the experienced talents, many reserve force such as college graduates are vying to participate in the competition.


HP is a high-tech enterprise based on the progress and innovation. It is the world's leading high-tech provider to provide full range of notebooks, desktops, workstations and other products and also design full power for the SME. One of the founders Dave Packard once said, It is necessary that people work together in unison toward common objectives and avoid working at cross purposes at all levels if the ultimate in efficiency and achievement is to be obtained.[HP] Clear corporate objectives can better guide the company's conduct of its business that is why I am interested in this worldwide company.


HP Labs are established around the world, including Asia, Europe and America. Some of the world's top scientists and researchers are working together at HP Labs to invent technologies that will connect and empower people around the globe [HPL]. In this part, I will concentrate on one of the divisions of HPSnapfish, which is a full range of photo storage and online printing services company.


The job I have selected here is from the official recruitment website of HP [Jobs at HP]:


Job Description - Sr. Software Designer (674108)


Business Environment and Job Description

Snapfish is a one-of-a-kind company searching for one-of-a-kind talent. We think a career should be fun, challenging, and rewarding.

We help over 75 million Snapfish members in more than 20 countries share and store their most cherished photos and create photo gifts on an easy-to-use website. Our customers entrust over 7 billion of their photos to us, and we add more than a million new members worldwide each month.

Our innovation has made us a leader in the industry - that's why our office is a casual, yet intense and exciting place to work.

Snapfish is a division of HP, which means we've got the best of both worlds: the energy and vision of a start-up, with the stability and benefits of an established global company.

We are looking for a Java server side (back-end) developer: someone with a passion for software development charged with designing, implementing and testing high-availability, multi-tier server systems in a Java.

We're seeking a developer who brings not only an understanding of the language, but also a solid theoretical foundation in data structures, computational algorithms and operating systems.


What You'll Do

Develop server side (back-end) application code for consumer-facing photo web sites, serving 15 petabytes of storage

Work on exciting projects that run the enterprise for our external customers, as well as internal development teams

Work with team leads/architects to promote great software design, scalability and quality

Perform unit testing and provide guidance/support during QA/system testing

Continuously improve software performance and tuning

Resolve defects during QA testing and in post-release patches

Resolve defects on production systems



Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent) is required

Experience designing, developing and testing multi-tier systems in Java

Experience programming multi-threaded applications

Knowledge of SQL, stored procedures (e.g. PL/SQL) and RDBMS database servers (Oracle preferred)

Familiarity with object oriented programming, design patterns and data structures and algorithms

Understanding of server-side Java environment (J2EE) and relational databases

Knowledge of XML, XSD, Web services (SOAP)

Strong knowledge of Unix / Linux

Good documentation skills // both in written and code format

Knowledge of Perl and other scripting languages a plus

HTML experience a plus


Skills / Characteristics

Energetic, inspired, dedicated, passionate about software development

Ability to structure your time, prioritize and manage workload efficiently

Ability and willingness to learn new material quickly and with little top down management

A great team player; sociable, good sense of humor, with excellent communication skills

Attention to detail

Ability to translate business requirements into reality


After reading and analyzing carefully the job description and requirements of the employer, I have realized what kind of talents the company really want and come up with a sample CV that aim to point out the qualification according to my experience and skills. For that I have some related talents coincident with the requirements, such as: education, work experience, necessary expertise and some other soft skills.


In the next part, I will present a detailed analysis of my experience and skills related to application for the job of Snapfish software designer.


Part 2: Personal skills audit and evidence

When you want to apply for an ideal job, the most important thing is that you must know clearly what the employers want, what skills and competencies you possess and the gap between your reality and the ideal ones. In order to get the job I have chose in the first part, to apply for the Software Designer of the Snapfish of HP, I will make out a personal skills audit according to my actual situation. In the Table 1 below, I will present whether my skills and abilities can fit the job requirements or not.


Table 1: My personal skills audit and evidence

Skills or competencies

My personal audit


Education background

Meet the requirement

I have majored in Computer Science that is required for this job. Now I am an undergraduate and I will get my Bachelor's degree within years.

Designing, developing and testing experience in Java

Meet the requirement

This part is the major work for my internship in HP, Beijing, so I have the experience with that knowledge.

Programming experience and understanding of J2EE

Meet the requirement

I have accumulated the related programming experience in Java code development during my internship in HP.

Knowledge of SQL and some stored procedures

Gap exists

I have learned about SQL, but if operate actually I will have some problems about the stored procedures and RDBMS database.

Strong knowledge of Unix/ Linux

Gap exists

In our daily learning and practice, Windows Operate System is our main method to go with. So there is a gap with the knowledge of Unix/ Linux.

Attention to detail

Meet the requirement

IT industry requires carefully attentions, which are learnt from the first time I chose this major. So I have enough patience to do this exquisite job.

Energetic and passionate about software development

Exceed the requirement

Having studied in Computer Science for several years, the energy and passion I have made are evident. I have studied very hard in the related subjects and got high scores. So I am definitely sure of my interesting in Software Development.

Ability to prioritize and manage workload efficiently

Gap exists

I think I have to do something to improve this ability. To efficiently manage workload is not the same as to handle with the study load. Pressure for working in the IT industry is crueler than I can imagine. So I should enhance the ability to prioritize and manage workload efficiently.

Excellent communication skills

Meet the requirement

I have already taken some activities and lessons to study many tips on how to communicate with others effectively. Through the everyday communicate with different people; I have learnt how to interact with different people with different characteristics. And for the foreign students like me, excellent communication is an evitable condition for us to survive.

Ability to translate business requirements into reality

Gap exists

This is the area that I have to learn and enhance through more practices. Working in the company is totally different from studying in university. I have to pay more attention to the ability to translate business requirements into reality.


Part 3: Reflection

In this part, I will summarize what I have learnt from this Professional Development module for an undergraduate student to apply for the ideal job. Reflection has played an important role in analyzing what is important for us to pay attention to while searching for jobs. I have divided into three areas where are essential for us to pay attention to, those areas are: Good Planning, Methods to Engage with Employers and Cooperation with Others.


Good Planning

How to plan is an essential part in searching for good jobs. A good planning is a half of success. It is necessary to know about what interests you and how much skills, interests, values and passion you can pay for your career [Career Planning].


Tips for Successful Planning


1 Analyze what skills and abilities I have.

List the excellent skills and abilities that I possess. Figure out what I am interested most according to my abilities. It is essential to clearly know what you can do before setting a plan. He who has a thorough knowledge of the enemy and himself is bound to win in all battles.


2 Reflect on your likes and dislikes

Make a list including your major likes and dislikes. Then use this list to examine your current status and ideal job. Then spend time in thinking carefully about what you want or need from your future jobs. It is important to understand the power that drives you to fulfill your dreams and happiness.


3 Analyze career and job trends

A job which is hottest now can be depressed in the future. So it is necessary to see and analyze the future job growth in the career fields that most interest you. Besides understanding these trends, the other advantage of this method is the chance it gives you to adjust and strengthen your position, your unique selling proposition. One of the keys to job and career success is having a unique set of accomplishments, skills, and education that make you better than all others in your career.


4 Set career and job goals

Set a goal for your future career and life. Do I want peaceful environment or fiercely competitive sphere? The ways to set off short-term (in the coming year) and long-term (beyond a year) career are most considered by those who want to success in the future career. Once you complete the short-term goal, you can have a back review on it to make a next better one. Step by step, at last you can achieve your final goal by keeping change your shortcomings.


Methods to engage with employers

Efficiently handle the relationship with employers can bring double benefits it not only provides decent jobs and opportunities for progression for employees, but also provides employers with what they need, improving the chances of them working with you in the future [How to match clients with jobs].

Tips for the effective development and productive relationships with employers:

In the work, in order to win the recognition and support of the employers, a very important point is to make the employers feel that you are frank. Do not hide or bury confidential things related to work. Communicate with employers with an open and frank attitude so that the employers can trust you.

Understanding the individual psychology of employer can facilitate the communication. Each employer has his own personality, hobbies, and his style and habits. Have a clear understanding of it can better deal with the relationship between employers and employees.

While talking with the employers, you should have a positive and optimistic attitude which can impress the employers with an energetic and honorable image.

Cooperation with others

In the future work, cooperation with others is the most important aspect to remain an active attitude to the future. One can not achieve by not working with others. The cooperation with others depends on a conception of cooperation as a dynamic results-oriented process that requires of each individual

•  a shared conceptual understanding of the process of cooperating and of the demands of a cooperative task;

•  willingness/ability to represent and communicate one's knowledge, experience, and positions that may contribute to effective cooperative activity, and equal willingness/ability to integrate the representations and communications of other members of the cooperative group;

•  consistent participation in team-reinforcing behaviors; and

•  effective interdependence [Cooperate with others].


Only by that each individual of the group excises his special talents to the utmost can a group achieves success. Cooperation with others has many advantages than working alone. Firstly, group members have different backgrounds and interests, which can produce a variety of views. In fact, cooperation with others can produce creative ideas that any individual on their own can not have. In addition, group members provide each other with help and encouragement and everyone can contribute his or her unique skills. Group coherence and identity inspire the members of the group and strive to achieve a common goal, which is also identified as team spirit. It enables each person to maximize their own skills and abilities. A group of people working together through the best organized way can make ??remarkable achievements in the limited time.


Part 4: Personal development plan (PDP)

For the preparation of the job I will get in the future, I have scheduled a personal development plan to enhance the abilities that I have gaps with the ideal ones. So in the following table, I will show my plan for the next step study.


Table 2: My personal development plan to enhance my ability and experience

Gap exists

Objectives & Planned task




Knowledge of SQL and some stored procedures

Objective: Learn more about the stored procedures and RDBMS database


Planned tasks:

1. Review the courses related to SQL and do more practices

Strengthen the exist knowledge which is weak in the past

Before 2012.10

2. Enroll courses about stored procedures such as PL and RDBMS database servers

Make clear knowledge about the stored procedures

Before 2012.12


Strong knowledge of Unix/Linux

Objective: Take more excises with the use of the Unix/ Linux operating system


Planned tasks:

Enroll courses related to  Unix/Linux OS and have a overview of the operating system

Get strong knowledge about the necessary Unix/ Linux operating system

Before 2013.7


Ability to prioritize and manage workload efficiently

Objective: Learn how to prioritize and manage workload efficiently which in essential for the future work


Planned tasks:

1. Take more activities related to the target career. Learn how to identify which part is the most important and which are less important.

Know how to take priority to what engaged in future job

Before 2013.1

2. Find more opportunities to work in the IT industry to experience how much should I take to manage workload efficiently

It is necessary to take real practice to understand how much workload exist in the future job

Before 2013.5



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