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Back to the Past


O God! O God! That it were possible. To undo things done; to call back yesterday! These beautiful and dolorous lines were written by poet Thomas Heywood. The words are like murmurs and complaints from all flesh mouse and man. In my point of view, they are just complaints and have nothing to do with wonderful dreams that someday might come true. From the perspectives of both individuals and all human beings, everything past should not, and more importantly, cannot be changed even we have access to back to yesterday.

First of all, there is no need to undo the things that have been already done, or to change the decisions that have been already made. In fact, no single decision can sentence one’s whole life. Countless young people who newly set foot in universities and workplaces would keep saying “What if I have chosen this major rather than that reluctant one?” “How I wish I can reselect and take that promising position!” however, persistent people like Franz Kafka, who worked in an insurance company at the beginning of his career, would finally return to his course of life and leave a name as a great writer. Inevitably, at some turning points of one’s life, unwise decisions might be made and detours were around the corner. However, it does not mean that your life has come to an end and there is no hope to right a wrong. Those who anchor their hopes on time travel and redemption should focus on what they can do in the future rather than return to and recall the past. It is looking forward that helps them build an appropriate attitude and lead to a well-content life.

Secondly, regrets and sorrows exist for reasons. Not only because these painful experiences are precious lessons for our lives, but they also compose an integrated life journey along with happy and successful moments. Stendhal, author of The Red and the Black, summarized his whole life within a three words epitaph: SCRISSE, AMO, VISSE, which indicate his endless suffers but still splendid life experiences. It is easy to understand that you will be accustomed to and even tired of felicific and peaceful life once bitterness is beyond your reach. Regrets help enrich and integrate our lives, and they are also valued by artists both as a significant subject of works and source of inspiration. There are plentiful stories in art history describing artists who were inspired by their regretful choices and experiences and thus produced masterpieces. For example, if Tchaikovsky came back to the past and tried to maintain his friendship with Mock, then the great Symphony No. 6 in B minor will not appear in this world.

Finally, even if we can successfully come back to the past and rewrite the history, tragedy of individuals and human beings still cannot be avoided. The Grandfather Paradox has already been raised and discussed by many physicists and science fiction writers. Regardless of the parallel world theory, the paradox is quite simple to be understood: what has happened will happen again even though we can revise the past. Films such as The Butterfly Effect and 12 Monkeys also support this conclusion in their own way. The former tells the failure of an ordinary young man and the latter focuses on the destiny of all human beings. Some pessimistic arguments have been put forward such as fatalism, and numerous Christians believe that God has claimed their ending even before their birth, which in any cases cannot be changed. In light of this, the feasibility of “turn up the swift sandy glass” was undoubtedly declined.

In sum, the words in A Woman Killed with Kindness are just sentimental moans. Its necessity is untenable because retrospective mistakes can be fixed by prospective endeavor, and sorrows and bitterness are indispensable parts of integrated life. Meanwhile, its feasibility is also declined for it failing to make any substaintial differences. Let us end this article with a famous stanza: in that mysterious garden with interleaved alleys, there will always be a beatific road that only belongs to you. What a relief! After so many unforgettable and harrowing choices, there finally comes a right one.



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